About Us

Our boxers are all AKC registered, along with all of our itters.
We are in good standing with the American Kennel Club.
We are inspected by the AKC inspecter annually and have always adhered to
their standards and pass with very good marks.

I began our boxer breeding program back in 2008.
There is no other breed quite like the boxer !
We live 25 miles south of Missoula, Mt.
Montana is known as the "Big Sky Country" hence how
we came up with our kennel name. We live on 10 acres,
I am a born and raised Montana gal, growing up hunting
and fishing and loving the outdoors. Breeding boxers is a passion
of mine. I take pride in being educated in neonatal intensive care,
Artificial Insemmination, vaginal cytology, reproductive issues,
parasitology. I enjoy teaching other breeders and mentoring them
in this field. I have been involved in putting on breeder conferences
to further educate breeders to be the best they can be.
If you are new to this breed, I invite you to come to my boxer home
to get to know the breed and interact with our wonderful boxers.