Adults Rescue


While enjoying my passion of breeding boxers, I have come across many wonderful people who care as much about the boxer breed as I do.
I have been blessed with the oportunity of helping people and boxers.
Through my website, people have been able to contact me in hopes of
finding an adult boxer to join there family circle, or to help boxers find
wonderful homes who are less fortunate. At this time I am not a "rescue organization". I am a boxer breeder with a  heart and alot of passion for my breed. My intentions for this boxer rescue/re-homing program is to be the "go to person" if you know of a boxer who is looking for a new home, contact me and we can post a picture and information about the dog on this page.

If you are looking to purchase , adopt an adult boxer then contact me
or view this webpage for available adult boxers.   

Thankyou for visiting my website. Please email me at any time, I would be
 more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 


The boxers 
listed below  are not affiliated with BigSkyBoxers.

You will have to work directly with the owners . We will
provide you with the contact information  if you do not
see it listed below.



2 Boxers missing from the home of Kerrie and Dave Maitland
in Kalispell, Mt.  Christmas day "Duke"  and  "Missy" some how left the safety of thier fenced yard and has not been seen since.
Here is a description of both dogs, if anyone in the area of Kalispell has seen these two well loved and missed boxers, you are asked to contact me "Kerrie" at 406-253-8476 or 406-249-5337.   You can also call the Big Sky Animal Clinic at 406-755-2010. 

  Duke is neutered, he had no collar but is chipped through the Flathead County Animal Shelter.  He is 5 years old, about 70 - 75 lbs. he is fawn colored with white between his eyes.  He is very friendly, loves to go for car rides.  He has a nervous/anxious personality around new people or situations.  

Missy:  Missy is spayed, she is not chipped, but is wearing a pink collar with a name tag and my contact phone numbers.  She is 3 years old, about 40 to 45 pounds, fawn colored with a black mask, and has white toes..  She is also very friendly and loves children.  She can be shy around new people.  

We love our boxers, they are our only children and would love to have them back as soon as possible.  We are also offering a REWARD !!