About Boxers

             Boxers come in a variety of colors and markings.

CLASSIC FAWN: fawn color with black mask, no white on face.

FLASHY FAWN: fawn color with alot white on face, legs, chest.

CLASSIC BRINDLE:  brindle stripes with black mask no white on face.

FLASHY BRINDLE: brindle color with alot of white on face,legs, chest.

FRINDLE: is a lighter combination between a fawn and a brindle.
The brindle stripes set farther apart, and are lighter in color.

White: Body is white but usually have black patchest along with spots
over the body. 

Classic Fawn

Flashy Fawn

Classic Brindle

Flashy Brindle



Boxers make wonderful family dogs. They are loyal an
loving to their humans. But remember, as parents we need
to always teach our children to be kind, loving and
respectful to animals and they will
return the love and respect.

 Boxers and cats usually do better when they have
grown up together,
some boxers have an insationable appitite for cats.
 Some become very attached to them.
 I believe it is all in the way you introduce them to
each other. The Picture above show's 2 of my boxers
standing at attention for a cat that happens to be walking
by on the other side of the fence. Boxers always feel
tougher when they are behind a fence.
But we boxer lovers know better.  


I have a difficult time with this question because I have had
the best in both genders !
 But for the most part I can say that Males tend
to be more relaxed, goofy, and carefree.
 Females are playful as well but they seem to get more
emotionally attached to family members and take life
alittle more seriously.Funny but that seem's somewhat
true with the human world. 

Boxers enjoy playing in a pool, grabbing a sprinkler,
running around with a hose in their mouth
 on a warm sunny day. I have some that love to
ride on the boat and pose for a regal picture.
But I have to caution people, in the past I have had
to teach a few of my boxer's the art of "Doggy paddling"
at the river,  some of them have sunk like a rock !
A doggy life jackett may not be a bad idea if you plan to spend
alot of time on the water.