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Nutrition from the inside out.!
NuVet vitamins 

As pet owners we always want the best for them,
the question is
What is the best and what can we trust.
I like to think that whether it be vitamins for our humans
or for our animals, it all seams to be a matter of "Faith" ,
faith that the supplement is really working or
that its even necessary for our bodies.
the fact is that
Short haired dogs have different nutritional needs and
different coat issues 
than long haired dogs.

Boxers along with many shorthaired dogs do not have long
hair to protect their skin
1. Humidity  / Dry Air
 2. Cold or Hot temperatures.
3. Type of bed they sleep on.
4. Play area is Grass/ Dirt  
5. Bites from bugs, ants, spiders, bee's 
  If your dog spends alot of time playing

outside or laying under a shadie tree, the dirt sucks the
moisture right out of their skin and coat. 

Nuvet keeps the skin soft and healthy and builds
the immune system to guard against external
and internal allergies    
  It has been beneficial to give our dogs that extra
health boost.  
     I know I can rely on the results that I have
personally noticed with my dogs while
using the NuVet vitamins and what others have to say
about their experience with the NuVet vitamins. 
We live in a world of processed foods with a long
shelf life, and the vitamins that are naturally found
in foods have been boiled, steamed or pressed out
of our foods by the time we get them to our kitchens,
this is true for dog foods as well.
It has been proven time and time again that our
society is deficient in vitamins and minerals. 
I know that Nuvet vitamins are building
my dogs immune system's and giving them a
fighting chance against the diseases,
polutants, chemicals of this world. 
  Here is what I have noticed in my 
dogs here at BigSkyBoxers 
1.  Typical Boxer eye boogers have diminished.
2. Softer smoother outer coat.
3. They beg for vitamin over a rawhide or any other treats..
4 . My retired dogs showed more energy.
5. Has firmed up loose stool.  
6. Toenails are growing faster.
7. Has improved weight control on my heavier dogs.

"1 bottle of NuVet plus (wafers) is a 3 month supply for an adult boxer"   

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 NuVet plus:
Immune System support. 
NuJoint Plus : protects and strengthens hips & joints.
  1. Puppy / kitten shampoo
              2. Conditioning Oatmeal Shampoo
        3. Hot Spot Tea Tree Shampoo
   4. Odor Control Shampoo    
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